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Independent Visitor Programs

Independent Visitor Program for Victoria’s Youth Justice Centres

The Independent Visitor Program for Youth Justice Centres commenced operation at the Parkville Youth Justice Centre Precinct on 18th April 2012, and in September 2013 it was extended to the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre.

Independent Visitors are a group of carefully recruited volunteers from a range of backgrounds who have personal and professional skills that support appropriate interaction with young people in custody.

The role of the Independent Visitor is to provide information and assistance to help young people's experience of being in custody, to monitor their safety and wellbeing and to promote their rights and interests.

Independent Visitors attend the Parkville Youth Justice Centre Precinct on a monthly basis and are able to enter and inspect the centre and talk to any young person in custody. They can observe the general routines of the centre and talk to staff about services being provided to the young people. After each visit, they meet with the General Manager of the Centre to discuss their observations and discussions with staff and young people. Within seven days of each visit they are required to provide a written report to the Principal Commissioner.

Want to know more?

For more information about the program, please contact the Manager, Independent Visitor Program in our office on (03) 8601 5886.