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Systemic inquiries

One of the core functions of the Commission is to conduct inquiries into services for children and young people. We monitor and report on the effectiveness of policies for children and young people in Victoria.

Current inquiries

Isolation, separations and lockdowns

The Commission is currently completing an inquiry into the use of isolation, separation and lockdowns in Victoria’s youth justice centres.

Permanency amendments inquiry

The Commission is seeking the views of the Victorian community about changes aimed at reducing delays to decisions about long term care of vulnerable children removed from their families.

Past inquiries

Always was, always will be Koori children

Systemic inquiry into services provided to Aboriginal children and young people in out-of-home-care in Victoria.

In the child's best interests

Inquiry into compliance with the intent of the Aboriginal Child Placement Principle in Victoria.

" a good parent would..."

Inquiry into the adequacy of the provision of residential care services to Victorian children and young people who have been subject to sexual abuse or sexual exploitation whilst residing in residential care.