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Commission's submission - Five Year Plans for Out of Home Care

Read the Commission's submission

Interested in volunteering?

We are looking for people interested in being a part of our Independent Visitor Program at the Melbourne and Malmsbury Youth Justice Centres.

To find out more please call Chris Galea on 8601 5894.

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The Commission for Children and Young People

The Commission for Children and Young People has been established to promote continuous improvement and innovation in:

  • policies and practices relating to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people generally, and in particular those who are vulnerable
  • the provision of out of home care services for children.

The Commission acts with independence and impartiality, demonstrating integrity and respect.

See our Strategic Plan 2014-2016

News and events

Volunteers required for our new Independent Visitor Program for residential care services

2 October 2014

We are looking for people interested in being a part of our new Independent Visitor Program for residential care services.

See careers.vic to find out more about the role or to apply

Annual Report 2013-2014Annual Report 2014

18 September 2014

Our report was tabled in Parliament on 18 September. We are very proud of the work the Commission has undertaken during a very busy and productive time.

Bernie Geary, Principal Commissioner

Andrew Jackomos, Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People

Supporting young children's rights: Statement of intent (2015-2018)

8 September 2014

The Commission has worked with the National Children's Commissioner and Early Childhood Australia to develop a statement of rights for young children.

2014 Debutante Ball for young people in out-of-home care

8 August 2014

2014 Deb Ball for Children in Out of Home Care

Some of the debs and their partners at the Melbourne Town Hall. What a great night for the young people involved.

Inquiry into the adequacy of the provision of services to children and young people who have been subjected to sexual exploitation or sexual abuse whilst residing in residential care

21 May 2014

Submissions are now invited from:

  • families, children and young people who have personally experienced residential care
  • Child Protection services including front line workers and managers
  • community service organisations who provide residential care services, including direct care staff and managers and other service providers.

Read more about making a submission to the Inquiry

Australian Children's Commissioners and Guardians Principles for Child Safety in Organisations

Our core functions include:

  1. Providing advice to Ministers, Government Departments, health services and human services relating to the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children and young people.
  2. Promoting the interests of vulnerable Victorian children and young people.
  3. Conducting inquiries into service provision or omission in regard to:
    • children who have died and were known to child protection at the time of their death or 12 months before their death
    • the safety and wellbeing of an individual or group of vulnerable children and young people
    • a health service, human service or school where there are persistent or recurring systemic concerns.
  4. Monitoring Victoria's out of home care system and promoting child inclusive decision making.
  5. Monitoring and reporting on the implementation and effectiveness of strategies relevant to the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children and young people.
  6. Promoting child-friendly and child safe policies and practices in Victoria.
  7. Providing advice to the Minister about child safety as requested.
  8. Reviewing and reporting on the administration of the Working with Children Act 2005 and educating and informing the community about the Act.
  9. Any other functions given to the Commission by the Act or any other Act.

For more detailed information about the Commission's functions, see Legislation and Policy


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